Transferring Fostering Agency?

Transfer to WellCare

We all need a shift from time to time. Maybe you're looking for a new opportunity, or maybe you've become dissatisfied with your current employer. Whatever brought you to the WellCare Fostering website, rest assured that you have the right to move to another organisation as a Foster Carer.

What service can I expect from WellCare ?

With an "Good" rating from Ofsted, we work hard to support all foster caregivers and take care of our children. WellCare is a small but responsive organization, but big enough to provide security. We pride ourselves on reaching the very best in caring for our youth and provide the best local support and training, delivered by experienced and approachable social workers who understand you and the children you care for. We will work hard to ensure that your work is recognized and treated as an equal member of the WellCare team.

WellCare is approved by most local authorities in the East. In practice, this means that we often accept referrals from children before other foster care institutions. Although there has never been any guarantee of placement, you can be assured that if a child needs a fostering placement, then WellCare will be first to hear about it.

What service can I expect from WellCare ?

WellCare has extensive experience managing the transfer process on your behalf. We know from experience that you will be anxious to change. You are concerned you may be jumping from the frying pan to the fire after having to go through the process again, or that you are concerned about how it will affect your child's placement in your care.

We know that it is human nature to choose the status quo and endure frustration, lack of support, and the feeling of being underestimated by the current agency, because it is easier than the transfer process.

At WellCare, we believe that if you are willing to spend your time caring for youth at home, we must ensure that you receive our best support. From the first day, we will work as soon as possible and we will transfer you to our agent so that you can continue doing what you like.

The transition to WellCare will have to be addressed on an individual basis. However, it usually takes 4-6 months on average. As part of the transition, your current fostering agency is required to include a variety of details, including access to your current file. This will cut down on the amount of work required before you can be enrolled with WellCare, and it will be much less invasive than your initial evaluation. Our promise is to make the process as painless as possible and to handle it effectively so that you can quickly achieve your objective of fostering your current children in a loving atmosphere.

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