About Fostering

Here's why you should foster a child
Eight benefits of fostering:

When you become a foster carer, you venture into a whole new way of life, one that is incredibly satisfying, but equally daunting. It will test your patience and energy, but it will also provide you with many unforgettable moments. It's a big decision, but the rewards are also great.

The work you do works to transform the world of vulnerable children. You would inspire them, nurture them, and teach them life lessons, and give them chances that they would not otherwise have had. It might take time, and it might be hard work, but you’re going to see them grow and mature into more confident individuals – and that’s a genuinely satisfying opportunity that few other careers will ever offer you.
For several children in care, the bond they have with their foster carers is intense, meaningful and long-lasting, and often they don’t forget it! Many keep in contact with their foster parents even after they have moved onto independence. It’s not uncommon for foster carers to be invited to their weddings, for example, so it’s obvious that emotional ties are strong. This is a unique and emotional experience.
Fostering is beneficial not only to children, but also to the larger community, as it contributes to the development of a more compassionate and just society. How many jobs are there that do that?
Foster carers who have their own children, frequently tell us that fostering has been a positive experience for their family. Sharing lives with others introduces children to new people and provides them with valuable life lessons and insights. It’s not something you do lightly, but it can be extremely worthwhile for everyone.
You learn more about children, behaviour, life, and yourself the more you foster. Some of this will occur naturally as you go about your life, but there will also be plenty of training. You’ll gain knowledge, understanding, and confidence as you learn about everything from psychology and behaviour to first aid and diversity and inclusion in foster care. You will grow as a person, as well as a foster parent.
When you become a foster carer, you’ll be invited to a variety of local Wellcare events where you can meet other families and form new friendships. The fact that they’re facing the same difficulties and reaping the same benefits as you is a great source of comfort and support. Some of these events have been virtual recently due to the Covid 19 pandemic.
Foster carers and children have undoubtedly had to adjust to a new daily routine as schools closed and education was continued at home during the lockdown. However, we know that this is about to change, as the educational needs of children will be prioritised for the start of the new school year. What has been highlighted is our foster carers’ perseverance, flexibility, patience, and unwavering support for the children during this time. It’s all about encouraging growth and allowing a child to take charge of his or her own life
The application process is clear and simple although can be intrusive, but we’ll answer any questions you have along the way. We make sure you get the training you need to do a great job – before you become foster carers and after. We match the needs of children to your skills, experience and situation to find the right placement, Our local teams will give you 24-hour support.