Could you offer assistance this year to help vulnerable young people?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 has been a difficult year for many people, but especially for vulnerable young people. By becoming a Foster Carer in 2021, we want people from all walks of life to start making a difference and changing the lives of the growing number of young people in care. According to the most recent statistics, the number of young people in care has increased by 28% in the last decade.

We’ve highlighted the following as a result of the decrease in fostering families coming forward and the increased number of children entering care this year:

Leah and Martin, two of our Foster Carers, have this message for other potential Foster Carers:

“We enjoy being Foster Carers because we know we are providing a safe and secure environment for children and young people.”

Foster Carer  Karen continued, “There’s been a lot of happiness, and I’d say it’s changed our lives because we’ve learned so much more about the need and why fostering is important, and we’re glad to be a part of it.”

Children and adolescents require a safe haven where they can feel loved, supported, and protected from harm. The agency provides full training, 24/7 support, competitive allowances, and the opportunity to meet people with similar interests and make new friends by becoming a part of a local fostering family to help you foster successfully.

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